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8x25 Parking Spot (8 x 25)

There is no security deposit required for this unit. Also, you will be on a month to month lease meaning you can move out at your convenience. 8x25 Parking Spot Available. For Cars & Truck Vehicle Parking Only. Vehicles must be 22 feet in length or less.

$65 $32.50 / month Only 1 left!
50% off First Month

This discount lasts until 7/31/2024 12:00AM

12x30 Parking Spot (12 x 30)

There is no security deposit required for this unit. Also, you will be on a month to month lease meaning you can move out at your convenience. 12x30 Parking Spot Available. Perfect for RVs, Campers, Boats, Trailers, Trucks, and Cars. The spots are fully graveled. Each spot is numbered. We have an asphalt entry and the facility is fully fenced and gated. Each tenant will receive their own unique code to access the facility. Large area to back into spot. Over 70 feet from the fence to the closest building.

$85 $42.50 / month
50% off First Month

This discount lasts until 7/31/2024 12:00AM

Benefits of Using MMJ Self Storage for Your RV Storage

MMJ Self Storage offers safe, reliable, and affordable RV parking for Bowling Green and surrounding towns. Here's why MMJ Self Storage is the perfect location for your RV or boat.

Affordable Rates

RV Storage in Fredericksburg VA and neighboring towns is not cheap! Fortunately, MMJ Self Storage offers affordable rates to park RVs and boats at our facility. Compared to our competitors offering RV storage in Ladysmith VA, King George, and other towns, we consistently offer the best pricing. 

24/7 Access 

When you store your RV with MMJ Self Storage, you'll access your spot through an easy entranceway. Unlike many other facilities, you won't need to worry about maneuvering in and out of your spot. Each RV storage spot has ample space leading up to them and around them, making it easy to park stress-free. We've heard from many customers that other spots for Fredericksburg VA storage can be a real hassle! Access your RV any time of day or night using your individual gate code access.

Security Camera Surveillance

You can assured your RV will be safe and sound when parking at MMJ Self Storage. Our high definition security cameras are setup throughout the facility to ensure the safety of your RV or boat.

Individualized Gate Code Access

Looking for the safest possible option for RV Storage near King George VA? Unlike other facilities, MMJ Self Storage utilizes advanced technology that provides individualized gate code access for each tenant. Each tenant will a unique gate code that allows us to monitor who enters the facility, day or night. This added security measure keeps your RV safe, helping to avoid trespassing on the property.

Convenient Location for RV Storage in Fredericksburg VA

MMJ Self Storage is in the perfect location for those looking for RV Storage in Fredericksburg VA. Our facility is right on Route 301, just minutes from the nearest towns like King George and Ruther Glen. When you need your RV, you'll only need to travel a few minutes to access it.

No Commitments

We do not require a lengthy commitment when storing your RV here. Instead, tenants will only need to sign a month-to-month lease with no strings attached.

    Reasons to Park at an RV Storage Facility 

    MMJ Self Storage offers RV and boat parking spaces that give you ample space to safely store your RV. Many homeowners associations or communities may not allow people to store their RV at their homes. In these instances, storing your RV at a storage facility is a great option that will help you avoid fines and violations. If you want to purchase an RV but your home does not have a driveway, this is the perfect solution.

    A large RV might also take away from your home's curb appeal or take up lots of space in the driveway. Our RV Storage near Fredericksburg VA offers a safe and secure place to store your RV at affordable monthly rates. Given the size of RV's and boats, they can also take up a lot of space around your home. This problem is easily solved with an MMJ Self Storage parking space.

    Keep your RV or Boat Safe

    MMJ Self Storage offers spaces for Fredericksburg RV Storage that help you protect your investment. RVs and boats are expensive investments that must be protected. Storing an RV in front of your home can leave you more susceptible to theft or vandalism. Instead, storing your RV at our storage facility provides enhanced security with our video surveillance monitoring system and gated property.

    Tired of looking around for affordable Fredericksburg RV Storage? Call us today to inquire about available pricing for parking spots at MMJ Self Storage.
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